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Councillor Len Lauchlan

Thought we would share this message that we have just received from Councillor Len Lauchlan, Chair of Washington Area Committee.

Dear Chairman and Secretary of Keep Washington Tidy.

On behalf of Washington Area Committee we wish to convey our sincere thanks for all the hard work you and your volunteers do as a Keep Washington Tidy group.

Without the tireless work, in all weather conditions, Washington would not be the cleaner and greener neighbourhood it is today.

At times, volunteers may question the extent of the impact that their time and efforts have had. The days may feel unending, the work is often gruelling, and the results of efforts, especially in environmental projects, can take time to reach their full potential.

The truth is that the results of the labours of Keep Washington Tidy volunteers are far-reaching and Members of Washington Area Committee are truly appreciative of the time and effort dedicated to making Washington a much nicer place.

Many thanks once again, from all Washington Area Committee Councillors and please pass forward this message of appreciation to all volunteers of Keep Washington Tidy.

Councillor Len Lauchlan
Chair of Washington Area Committee

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  1. Thanks Len
    Your comments on behalf of Washington Area Committee are very welcome and much appreciated.
    It is a privilege to work with these dedicated volunteers who are all passionate about their communities.
    Most of whom have worked tirelessly for many years to look after their own areas, and now also volunteer, support and share ideas with likewise people.
    Thanks from all of us at “KWT”.

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